FASE - Focus on Alcohol Safe Environment

The project FASE bases on a work plan of the priority area called “health determinants” drawn by the European Commission in the year 2007. This plan contains the collection of numerous best practice examples in the context of “Supporting key Community strategies on addictive substances”. For the FASE-project it concerns three different areas:

• Work-place strategies to reduce the impact of harmful and hazardous alcohol consumption on the economy
• Networking, evaluation and collection of best practises on well-resourced community mobilisation and intervention projects to create safer drinking environments
• Development of best practice in advertising, self regulation and monitoring.

 Within the overall project FASE the DHS is responsible for the development of work package 4 “alcohol prevention at the workplace”.
FASE is an international cooperative project funded by the European Commission. In Germany, the health insurance company BARMER is supplementary co-funding the project.
The main cooperation partners are the „National Foundation for Alcohol Prevention, STAP“ (Netherlands), the „Liverpool John Moores University“ (Great Britain) and the „German Centre of Addiction Issues (DHS)“. Further associated partners are the University of Bergen (Norway) and “Alkoholpolitisk Landsraad” (Denmark). STAP is coordinating the project. Other important collaborating partners are for instance the Alcohol Policy Network of the Commissioned co-financed Building capacity project. The help of this network will be necessary in searching best practice examples in the European member states.

The main objective of work package 4 - done by DHS – is to reduce the impact of harmful and hazardous alcohol consumption on the economic system in the context of workplace health promotion / prevention. Within the project the following items are planned:

1. A systematic review will be undertaken of the international and European literature to document and summarize the existing literature on the impact of work place policies and programmes to reduce the harm done by alcohol to the economy, including reduced absenteeism, drinking during working hours, working with a hangover and unemployment.
2. A questionnaire will be developed and disseminated to partner agencies to gather detailed information on interventions and the outcomes of evaluations in different countries.
3. The collection of European examples of best practices, related laws and infrastructures in work-place strategies will be arranged systematically.
4. Development of recommendations for effective prevention, practice and guidelines will be prepared based on the findings of the systematic reviews and collected examples


Project runtime: 01.05. 2008 – 30.04. 2010 (24 month)



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Cooperation partners

externer Link in ein neues BrowserfensterSTAP - Stichting Alcoholpreventie (Foundation for Alcohol Prevention), Utrecht/NL

externer Link in ein neues BrowserfensterLJMU - Liverpool John Moores University Centre for Public Health (Liverpool/GB)


Associated partners

externer Link in ein neues BrowserfensterUiB - Universitetet i Bergen (Bergen/NO)

externer Link in ein neues BrowserfensterAlkoholpolitisk Landsraad - Landsraadet (Kopenhagen/DK)


Projekt financing

externer Link in ein neues BrowserfensterPublic Health Ecxecutive Agency (PHEA) - European Commission

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