AMMIE – Monitoring Alcohol Commercial Communication in Europe

The biennial international project AMMIE makes a contribution to the EU strategy to support Member States in reducing alcohol related harm. One objective of this strategy is “to curb underage drinking and to reduce hazardous and harmful drinking among young people, in cooperation with all stakeholders”.

Scientific surveys stress the significant relationship between alcohol advertising and underage drinking behaviour. The AMMIE-project shall contribute on EU and Member State level to shield adolescents from alcohol related harm. Therefore the project will monitor alcohol advertisement in European countries within the existing marketing regulation systems and hereby try to improve these regulations in terms of contend and different national circumstances. By this means questionable advertisement on TV, radio as well as in print media should be reduced.

As the project focuses on covering a wide part of the European Union within the active monitoring, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands are included in the transaction. The local monitoring will be implemented by a national coordinator of an independent NGO. Moreover youngsters aged 14 to 18 are included in the judgement of questionable advertisement.

Cooperating partners are the Bulgarian “Foundation Horizonti 21”, the “Danish Alcohol Policy Network”, the “German Centre for Addiction Issues” (DHS), “Eurocare Italia” and the “Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy” (STAP), which is moreover responsible for the coordination of AMMIE. Collaborating partners of the project are the “European Alcohol Policy Network” (Eurocare) and the “European Youth Forum” (YFJ). Scientific advice is made available by the British “Institute of Social Marketing“ (ISM) as well as by David H. Jernigan, research director of the American “Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth” (CAMY) and Thomas F. Babor, head of the Department of Community Medicine and Health Care at the University of Connecticut in the US.


National activities

The DHS as the German AMMIE partner has to perform the following tasks within the project:

1. Collecting, analysing and documenting national data about youth exposure to alcohol advertising;

2. Monitoring national alcohol marketing activities, making complaints about advertisements, being obviously in breach with the existing regulation, to the German Advertising Council (Deutscher Werberat) and moreover evaluating the reactions of this complaint board towards the submitted complaints;

3. Training young people about how to rate questionable alcohol commercial communications by dint of a webbased youth panel rating system;

4. Comparing the judgement of the youth panels with the reaction of the national complaint board and making proposals about how to improve the existing regulation system of alcohol marketing;

5. Organizing a conference in cooperation with the other project partners, where the results of the project are presented and discussed.

The international AMMIE-project is funded by the European Commission. In Germany, it is supplementary cofinanced by the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG).

Term of the project: 01.08.2009 – 01.07.2011 (24 months)


German Centre for Addiction Issues (DHS)
Westenwall 4
D-59065 Hamm
Tel.: +49 2381 9015-0
Fax: +49 2381 9015-30


downloadEUCAM: Alcohol Marketing Conference

downloadEUCAM: Presentation of results (DHS)



downloadELSA: The impact of Alcohol Advertising (4)

downloadELSA: Alcohol Marketing in Europe (6)

downloadFactsheet: Alcohol - Marketing and young people


downloadReport on sportsponsorship by alcohol producers

downloadReport on the complaints and the complaining system 

downloadReport on the trends and innovations in alcohol marketing

downloadReport on volume of youth exposure to alcohol commercials in Germany

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Collaborating Partners


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