Building Capacity

Implementing coordinated alcohol policy in Europe

"Building Capacity" is a European project financed by the European Commission which builds upon the results of the "Bridging the Gap" project (2003-2006). With this project the European Commission will promote further development and implementation of effective alcohol policy in Europe as well as networking between the partners of the member states.

General objectives

1. Support the European Commission and Member States (including regions and municipalities) in the implementation of the Commission's Communication on alcohol policy, which was published at the end of 2006, in the areas of promoting research, informing and raising awareness of the impact of alcohol, protecting third parties, combating drink driving, protecting young people, and preventing alcohol-related harm among adults.
2. Broaden the base of alcohol policy to ensure that the network includes NGOs that deal with consumer protection, public health and health promotion, youth and other important issues related to the topic.

The project will be managed by Slovenia (Ministry of Health/National Institute of Public Health). Partners from 25 member states as well as from Iceland, Norway, Turkey and Switzerland will participate. Project Period will be from May 2007 to April 2010.

As part of the "Building Capacity" project, the German Centre for Addiction Issues (DHS) has two main tasks: at the international level the DHS is responsible for networking (work package 4), and as the German national liaison to the project the DHS is promoting alcohol policy in Germany and cooperating with the European Alcohol Policy Network.


Collaborating Partners

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The implementation of the project is realised by the contribution of various "work packages". There are different project partners responsible for each work package. Their tasks include to organise conferences, publish factsheets, maintain and extend a data base on alcohol policy and prevention, research, organise train the trainer courses or support alcohol policy implementation in municipalities and local communities.

The website of the Building Capacity project is hosted by the project partner "Institute of Alcohol Studies".

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Further information and material is available on the project website. In order to support an effective alcohol policy, the impact of different policy options on the economy and on health is evaluated, and published in fact sheets on a range of alcohol issues, policies and programmes.

downloadAlcohol: Cancer

downloadAlcohol: Drinking environments

downloadAlcohol: Education

downloadAlcohol: Health care advice

downloadAlcohol: Labelling

downloadAlcohol: Marketing

downloadAlcohol: Pregnancy


Activities by the DHS

Work Package 4 "Networking"

The aim of the WP4 is to support the cooperation among all project partners and to strengthen the structure of the network. Therefore, activities include the support of national conferences on alcohol policies in Bulgaria, Greece and Hungary and the support of the international conference „Reducing the harm caused by alcohol: A co-ordinated European response“ held by the Royal College of Physicians in London.

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externer Link in ein neues BrowserfensterConference "Reducing the harm caused by alcohol: A co-ordinated European response"


National Cooperation

The National Cooperation aims at supporting the structure of communication and between the German national level and the international network. Results of the projects are made available in Germany and Information from the national level is provided to the project partners. Activities include the dissemination of factsheets in Germany, presentations and the support of conferences and the publication of the "The DHS Alcohol Action Plan 2008".

externer Link in ein neues BrowserfensterDHS Factsheets on Alcohol (in German language)

downloadThe DHS Alcohol Action Plan 2008


Contact persons

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