Civil Society Forum on Drugs

Civil Society Forum on Drugs

Opening the Civil Society Forum on Drugs in 2006 the European Commission widened the opportunities for stakeholders to participate actively in EU policy-shaping, and launching a Partnership for European Renewal - "inherent in the idea of partnership is consultation and participation". The Civil Society Forum on Drugs serves as a platform for informal exchanges of views and information between the Commission and civil society organisations. Its members meet at least once a year and Membership is for a period of two years. At present 26 organisations are members of the Civil Society Forum.

The overall objective of the forum is to feed specific grass-roots experience into future Commission proposals, but also into the work to monitor the EU action plan on drugs (2005-08) and prepare the new action plan (2009-12). To prepare the best possible EU action plans on drugs, the Commission needs to tap the wealth and diversity of knowledge and experience held by groups and associations supporting or otherwise representing drug users or their families, and many other players who, while not working directly or primarily with drug policy, still have valuable insight - particularly in areas such as HIV/Aids.

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