Pathways for Health Project

The Pathways for Health Project (PHP) is managed by the German Centre for Addiction Issues in cooperation with European partner organisations. The project is based on the European Council Conclusions which call for a reduction in alcohol related harm among the whole European population and especially amongst young people. The aim of the project is to strengthen the exchange of programmes and practices and to improve the knowledge of all people who are involved and interested in alcohol policy. This includes the support of the EU Member States and other European countries in the development of strategies to reduce alcohol related harm.

The project is focussed on three topics: binge drinking; drinking and driving; and consumer information and labelling of alcoholic beverages. During the project period several international and national organisations were involved in the development and production of the documents and data collection. Besides the Alcohol Policy Network which was created in the Bridging the Gap Project (BtG), the project included the European Youth Forum (topic: binge drinking, drink and driving), CRIOC (Belgium Organisation for Consumer Protection) (topic: consumer information and labelling), European Transport Safety Council (topic: drinking and driving), TISPOL (European Traffic Police Network) (topic: drinking and driving).

For each topic, several specific documents and data are available as printed or electronic versions. You find the links to those documents or data bases further down. Under the link PHP-Projects you find an interactive website which contains the collection of innovative programmes, projects and practices. This data can be updated with the questionnaires.  Under the web address you find the data base which can also be updated by the licensed project partners.

The reviews and recommendations as well as conclusions for each topic are also available and downloadable under the specific link further down. The reviews give a good overview of the current state of alcohol research for each topic. If you need hardcopies of the documents you can order.

During the project period we two meetings were organized in Berlin and Paris, with an extra session during the Helsinki Alcohol Conference in 2006. The presentations are available under the specific links. You also find below a further link to the questionnaires for the innovative projects, programmes and practices.

Last but not least we want to thank our funding partners which enabled the DHS to undertake this project idea: The European Commission, the Ministries of Health of Portugal, Germany, France and Finland.

If you have any questions or comments do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


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downloadBinge Drinking and Europe

downloadReducing Drinking and Driving in Europe

downloadConsumer Labelling and Alcoholic Drinks


Recommendations an Conclusions

downloadBinge Drinking and Europe

downloadReducing Drinking and Driving in Europe

downloadConsumer Labelling and Alcoholic Drinks



downloadBinge Drinking

downloadDrinking and Driving

downloadConsumer Information and Labelling



downloadQuestionnaire Binge Drinking

downloadQuestionnaire Drinking and Driving

downloadQuestionnaire Consumer Information and Labelling


Meetings and Sessions


downloadIntro: Anderson

downloadGeneral Overview: Farke

downloadHP Source: Mittelmark

downloadEC-Expectations: Renstrom

downloadLabelling Health Warnings: Vanhaevre



downloadAlcohol in Europe: Anderson

downloadBridging the gap: Anderson

downloadCurrent stage: Farke

downloadDrinking and Driving: Goodwin

downloadEnforcement Drinking and Driving: Greif

downloadBinge Drinking: Hope

downloadLabel SAF: Martin

downloadPFH opening: Rigaud



downloadUpdate PHP: Farke



downloadFirst results: Farke



downloadIntroduction PHP APN: Farke


Additional Documents

downloadDelphiSurvey Alcohol Labelling CRIOC

downloadEvaluation Report

downloadTechnical Report

downloadReport: Labelling and health warnings on containers of alcoholic beverages

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